Glossary of Terms

Definitions for all the terms that related to Hakka Finance


  • HAKKA is the protocol token that empowers the community governance of Hakka Finance, an ecosystem of marvelous DeFi products.
  • Holders can obtain voting power and beneficiary rights by staking HAKKA
  • Holders can burn their tokens and draw funds from Guild Bank proportionally at their discretion.
  • Address: 0x0E29e5AbbB5FD88e28b2d355774e73BD47dE3bcd (Ethereum)

HAKKA on xDai on BSC

HAKKA Staking

  • You may stake your HAKKA into a Staking Contract and receive two things: Voting Power (combined with your address) & sHAKKA (a transferrable ERC20 token).

Guild Bank

  • A Smart Contract to store all the income earned by Hakka Finance.

Hakka Burner

  • An interface for Hakka holders to call ragequit() function to burn their HAKKA and draw funds from Guild Bank proportionally.


  • sHAKKA, a transferrable ERC20 token, can be minted by staking HAKKA to staking contract. It represents beneficiary rights for Hakka Finance.
  • Address: 0xd9958826Bce875A75cc1789D5929459E6ff15040 (Ethereum)

Voting Power

  • Voting Power is determined by the mintage amount of the sHAKKA. It's immutable and non-transferrable.
  • It represents the right to (delegate) debate, proposes, and vote on all changes to the protocol.



  • To stabilize the supply of HAKKA, HAKKA rewards will be transferred to the VestingVault contract and then release under specific terms (see document below).
  • Document: Vesting Contract

Hakka Harvester

Hakka Forum

  • Hakka Finance's official decentralized online forum.
  • The first Discourse that supports login with decentralized identification (DID) system: EAuth.



  • A decentralized AMM (Automatic Market Making) exchange designed for stablecoins with the lowest price slippage, maximizing capital utilization.
  • BlackHoleSwap v1 (on Ethereum) provides nearly infinite liquidity by integrating lending protocols to leverage the excess supply while borrowing on the inadequate side.
  • In BlackHoleSwap v2 (on BSC), we optimize the code for better gas efficiency.


  • BHS is the liquidity provider token for BlackHoleSwap


  • iGain is a decentralized financial instrument protocol that provides investors the options to hedge/profit/speculate on specific targeting underlying assets with a synthetic, tokenized position.
  • Document: Whitepaper

Impermanent Gain

  • Impermanent Gain is the flagship of iGain, an options trading platform. We take IL as the underlying trading option on this platform.

Hakka Intelligence


  • Crypto Structured Fund (CSF) is a decentralized financial instrument providing a "moderate risk with higher return" way to let conservative investors get involved in the growth of cryptocurrencies.


  • tCDP is tokenized CDP (Collateral Debt Position) that is fungible and tradable on exchanges.

Third Floor Mutual (3F Mutual)

  • 3F Mutual employs a rainy-day-fund-like mechanism that allows for one to hedge against MakerDAO collapse risk.
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