Bug Bounty Program

Help us find any bugs or vulnerabilities and improve our wonderful ecosystem.
Crypto, Web3 and DeFi unquestionably symbolize the game-changing trends of the decade. Users from all continents are hopping onto Hakka’s innovative and decentralized financial instruments: iGain IRS, iGain IG, Hakka Intelligence, Hakka Harvester, our DAO, and so on.
However, new opportunities go in pair with new threats. Just like anything online, security is an issue to take seriously and malicious actors are plenty, especially for a sector as critical as finance.
For Hakka Finance, the safety of our users and applications is an issue of utmost importance. Hence, our smart contracts are regularly subjects to audits, whose reports are public and available on Github.
But we are pushing for more, and doubling down on security.

Hakka Finance is partnering with Immunefi, Crypto and Web3’s leading bug bounty platform!

Bounty hunters rejoice! With more than US$20 million in bounties paid out, US$120 million in bounties currently available and especially US$20 billion in hack damage averted, Immunefi is trusted by major DeFi platforms like Synthetix, MakerDAO or Chainlink.
We are excited to announce that Hakka Finance is now joining those prestigious names to secure its ecosystem against exploits, user theft, and vulnerabilities thanks to DeFi’s most talented white-hat hackers.
We are therefore making a call to our community to helps us find any bug to help us maintain and improve our ecosystem.

How to participate in the Bug Bounty Program?

Anyone finding vulnerabilities will be rewarded according to its severity, based on the classification below, with a 1-to-5 scale and a distinction between websites and apps:

Smart Contracts:

  • Critical: Up to US$1,000,000
  • High: US$10,000
  • Medium: US$3,000

Websites & Applications:

  • Critical: Up to US$15,000
  • High: US$5,000
To participate, you may directly navigate on the Immunefi page dedicated to Hakka Finance!