Community Reward Program

Since we only operate Chinese and English communities, we need help from the communities! So far, there are already telegram groups driven by the community, as follows:
🇵🇭 Philippines Community (Telegram)
🇫🇷 French Community (Telegram)
🇻🇳 Vietnamese Community (Telegram)
🇯🇵 Japanese Community (Telegram)
🇪🇸 Spanish Community (Telegram)
Anyone who is good at other languages and wants to contribute to the Hakka community can apply to the program. In this program, we will distribute rewards more frequently than before, but there will also be some evaluation conditions, and We will give corresponding rewards based on workload and performance.
Job descriptions are as follows:
  • Manage and expand the local online and offline Hakka communities, and interact with the community to increase positive engagement.
  • Posting/forwarding official announcements and help with translations and proofread content related to Hakka.
  • Explore Hakka friendly groups to facilitate the expansion of Hakka local user base and influence
  • Assist in organizing online and offline events and meet-ups, conducting product and service surveys
  • Collaborating with internal departments to establish campaign objectives, complete tasks, and identify and solve problems
  • Suggesting new ways to promote Hakka Finance.
  • Proven community management experience with strong ownership and emotional intelligence.
  • Experience launching community initiatives (e.g., building an online forum, launching an ambassador program, creating an event series, and writing an email newsletter)
  • Strong understanding of cryptocurrency/blockchain-related terminologies and trends and have a liking for crypto cultures.
  • Be able to work flexible and stretched hours to interact with the crypto community as frequently as possible.
  • Native or near-native level ability in the local language
There will be a workgroup for admins for better and more efficient communication to discuss the official announcement details.
If you are interested, please contact @hakkadoge on telegram (note that we will not take the initiative to DM you)