iGain Protocol

iGain Protocol

iGain: A Decentralized Platform for Options

What is iGain?

iGain is a decentralized financial instrument protocol that provides the options for investors to hedge/profit/speculate on certain targeting underlying assets with a synthetic, tokenized position.

How does iGain work?

iGain tokenizes the Call/Pull options of underlying assets into Long/Short tokens. Then, we adopt the AMM mechanism to create a secondary market of Long/Short tokens. Investors might hedge against a certain risk or earn a profit in a period through holding Long/Short tokens.

Why iGain?

Since the booming development of decentralized finance, an on-chain financial ecosystem is thriving. More and more advanced financial instruments would be crucial for investors. iGain provides a fully decentralized way of options tool. With iGain, the decentralized financial ecosystem on the Ethereum blockchain would be better for all the investors to control risks.

What can I do with iGain?

As a trader

Investors in decentralized finance might consider iGain as a financial instrument. Spare some budget to purchase the Long/Short tokens in iGain may earn a profit so that investors could perfectly hedge against certain risks.

As a liquidity provider

AMM mechanism requires liquidity providers. To serve as liquidity of Long/Short tokens could earn trading fees and reward of liquidity mining program.