When staking on BSC?

We have considered using several sidechains or layer-2 solutions, and we did launch some products on BSC. However, staking is a long-term decision; it's better to do it together in the same place, so it will only work on ETH.

How to Earn Hakka Staking Reward?

Please follow the link below:

How to bridge HAKKA from ETH to BSC

Please follow the instruction here: Ping's article

How to bridge HAKKA from BSC to ETH

Follow the same instructions above, do it reversely.

Who should I contact if I have a business proposal?

You can DM @HakkaDoge on telegram. Please be aware of scammers, we won't PM you first.

Where to follow the latest announcements and updates?

Please visit our Medium: https://hakkafinance.medium.com
Also, follow our telegram Announcement Channel: https://t.me/HAKKA_Announcement