Staking Rewards

A tutorial to earn HAKKA staking reward
For more information on HAKKA staking, please visit Introduce HAKKA Staking & sHAKKA.

Four Steps to Earn Staking Rewards

Step 1. Stake HAKKA to get sHAKKA

Prepare your Hakka and stake it on
Note that the longer you stake, the more sHAKKA you will get.

Step 2. Stake sHAKKA to the pool.

Stake sHAKKA to the reward pool (on the link below)
Note that the APY shown on the reward pools is calculated based on 1-year staking; if you choose a shorter staking time, real APY would be lower (decrease linearly)

Step 3. Claim Rewards to Vesting Contract

After staking, the reward would start to accrue (every block); you can click “Claim Reward” (on the link below) to transfer those HAKKA from the reward contract to vesting contract.

Step 4. Withdraw Rewards from Vesting Contract

Those HAKKA rewards in vesting contract will be distributed under our vesting term to stabilize the circulation of HAKKA.
You can withdraw around 17.38% of the vesting balance every 19 days on
That’s all!