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Welcome to HAKKA Finance Gitbook page, in which we (the community) have decided to host a wiki and frequently asked questions section to help reduce friction and increase transparency.

What is Hakka Finance?

Hakka Finance is a set of decentralized finance (DeFi) applications, which form an all-inclusive ecosystem of tools that allow users to pursue financial sovereignty. The current product offering consists of a stablecoin automated market maker (AMM) DEX, a gamified insurance product, and a general DeFi handbook. All of this is administered and governed by a homonymous governance token, which goes by the ticker of HAKKA.

Who is working on the Hakka Finance ecosystem?

Lucien Lee (CEO) Lucien is a blockchain Believer and startup veteran. He was a tech lead at the R&D venture studio of Scalable Inc, a US-based tech startup company with over $100 Million in revenue per year. He led a small team to build new e-commerce products from scratch and monetize them quickly. Previously, he was dApps Full Stack Developer at ThunderCore and had contributed to Remix IDE, one of the famous open-source projects in the Ethereum community. Lucien is also the co-founder of Cofacts, the most prominent open-source tech fact-checking platform in APAC, helping people fact-check over 200M+ suspicious messages per year. When he studied in college, he cofounded HackNTU, the first college hackathon organization in Taiwan and a leading hacker community in Asia. In HackNTU, Lucien and his partners provoked a storm of hack culture by holding world-class hackathons, meetups, and eng lessons.
Ping Chen (Founder, CSO) Ping is the founder of the HAKKA ecosystem and has been involved in the Ethereum community for over 5 years as a dApp developer. He previously founded Pelith, providing Ethereum-related technical literature and meetups for core contributors to the ecosystem in Taipei, Taiwan. Ping has also been involved in the DeFi ecosystem for over a year, creating a suite of products under the HAKKA banner.
Wego Chen (Advisor) Wego is the co-founder of BlockTempo, the most influential blockchain media in the traditional Chinese market and host of the largest blockchain conference in Asia, Asia Blockchain Summit. Wego has served as an adjunct lecturer at National Tsinghua University, and Taiwan Academy of Banking and Finance, the latter providing research, training, proficiency testing, and publication services for banking professionals in Taiwan.
Ian Hsu (Advisor) Ian is the founder of EM3 crypto community. Ian has been incredibly active in communities globally, participating in the primary market and secondary market of multiple notable projects including Kyber, 0x, Zilliqa, Chainlink, BinanceCoin, Tezos, Nervos, Tomo, Quantstamp, Cortex, WanChain, POA, FTT, Algorand, MTA, and more, since 2017. Ian is the expert of tokenomic and columnist of Economic Daily News.
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